Live Life at 360 Degrees

The Cards of Life

Some people have a story or journey; others have a deck of cards, playing the hand that life has dealt.  I am one of those people strategically playing the hands that life keeps dealing.  I am "Misty Necol" Duckworth, certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, model and positive thinking enthusiast. 

My family has a history of health problems from nervous breakdowns, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and cancer to name a few.  As a child, I remember my aunt being admitted into a mental hospital because she could not handle the pressures of life.  This had an huge impact on me; I felt helpless...all I could do was stand back and watch, wondering what causes someone to break down mentally to the point of being hospitalized. 

Another one of my aunts had to have one of her fingers amputated due to a severe case of diabetes.  At that time, we called it "sugar".

After I thought I had seen enough, my father was diagnosed with liver cancer.  This particular hand was too much for me to handle.  I was a senior in college and my mental focus was shot.  What type of mindset does a person have when they are literally watching a loved one pass away right before their eyes.  Well, I can tell you, I don't know because I was NUMB.  Everyday my dad got worse.  His weight dropped, his eye-sight started failing, his speech became slurred....he was dying.   After my dad passed, I finally woke up out of the mental coma that I had been in during that time and couldn't remember much of anything.  It was only by the grace of GOD that I passed all my classes that year and went on to graduate.  That was a turning point in my life.  It prepared me for the hand I would be dealt next.

My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer some time after my dad passed.  Although this seemed like another bad hand that was dealt, I had 3 power cards and I was ready to play.  The 3 power cards are a positive mindset, good health and physical fitness.  God blessed my mom to beat cancer 2 years after being diagnosed.  Her oncologist credits her remission to her faith, positive attitude and smile.  You see, our mindset (the way we think) controls the way we handle all that life throws at us; what we eat and how we move acts as our body guards.       

Misty Necol Duckworth - Personal Trainer, AFAA; Group Fitness Instructor, AFPA

Misty Necol Duckworth - Personal Trainer, AFAA; Group Fitness Instructor, AFPA

know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you... therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s
— 1 Corinthians 6:19-20


At Lifestyle 360, our aim is to educate and raise awareness of the 3 major power cards that we must play in order to live a completely fulfilling life.  We all know that 360 degrees makes a complete circle.  Any degree less than 360 is not complete.  We want to get people thinking in that mindset. 

Think about the human make-up.  The brain (mind) is the central control system.  It governs and drives what you allow to happen to your body.  This includes what you allow to go inside the body and how you move physically. We have gotten away from using words such as diet and exercise.  We now use nutrition and conditioning because it speaks to the needs of the individual.  A diet could be anything.  You can be on a burger and pizza diet, and never get proper nutrition...because a burger has very little nutrition.  Just as a diet could mean anything, exercise could mean anything as well.  You can exercise your thumbs by texting, but it does nothing for the overall conditioning of the body for a healthy heart and proper blood flow.

Lifestyle 360 is not about the newest diet or workout craze.  We are not about being a size 2 or 4.  We are completely dedicated to helping individuals figure out what is missing; what thoughts are holding you back, what does your body need to keep you free of sickness?  We are here to promote a positive mindset, allowing that mindset to take lead in driving internal and external good health.  Are you playing your power cards? What steps are you taking to start Living Life at 360 Degrees.