I contacted Misty at a time when I was trying every type of cleanse, yo-yo diet and everything else in between. Due to my schedule I found that I was not making healthy eating choices and exercising was not happening. I began to feel the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle. When I talked to Misty she gave me some incredible ways to modify what I was eating and she shared her 15-minute workout plan. When she shared what I could do in 15 minutes I honestly was not sure what type of results I would see. It seemed way too simple. Well I not only lost weight but my eating habits became healthier. I later stretched those 15 minutes into an hour long workout just because I loved how I felt after a good workout. She also helped me to see that it was important for me to shift my mindset so that all that she shared becomes a part of my daily lifestyle. 

 If you are looking for someone that really cares about you developing a lifestyle that is healthy (mind, body and your eating habits), trust Misty to work alongside you. She truly wants to see you be successful in this space.

 Kimberly Pitts

Branding & Marketing Strategist

Founder, UImpact, LLC



Weight Loss Success: Gerri K.